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Technische Handelsonderneming Nederland b.v.

Postbus 390
7500 AJ Enschede
T. +31 (0)53 432 34 46
F. +31 (0)53 430 71 58
Technische Handelsonderneming Nederland b.v.

Postbus 390
7500 AJ Enschede
The Netherlands
T. +31 (0)53 432 34 46
F. +31 (0)53 430 71 58

H. ter Kuilestraat 30
7547 BD Enschede
The Netherlands

Technical inquiry form

If you complete the following form, we can tell whether our seals can offer a solution for your particular application. On receipt of your inquiry, we will assess it and get in touch with you.

General details
Company name
Contact Department
Telephone no. Fax no.
Email address Date
Type of machine Project no.

Technical data
What must the laminar rings form a seal against? Ingress of splash water
Ingress of cooling fluid
Oil leakage
Heavy contamination
Ingress of dust
Grease leakage

Protects other seals: Yes / which No
Operating temperature: (in the ring environment °C)
Housing speed (RPM / direction of rotation)
Shaft speed (RPM / direction of rotation)
Axial movement Yes / in mm No
Radial movement Yes / in mm No
Angular movement Yes / in ° No
Operating pressure (medium) Yes / in bar No
Re-greasing option Yes / which No
Stainless steel laminar rings Yes No  
Housing material (hardened) Yes / hardness No
Shaft material (hardened) Yes / hardness No
Design requirements
New design Yes No  
Changeover to laminar rings Yes No  
What type of sealing was used previously?
Admissible leakage
Required lifespan
What would be the demand One-off (number of parts/sets)
  Monthly (number of parts/sets)
  Yearly (number of parts/sets)
Additional requirements in the case of retainer rings
Will the rings be axially loaded (against)
How high is the axial load (in N)
Are disassembly notches required?
Other comments / information:

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